A mandate: Mobilize all local actors in a common approach focused on action to promote the development of the economy and the creation of jobs on the territory in the framework of a partnership between the government, the RCM and the local community. A mission: The MRC des Chenaux CLD promotes the integral and global […]


Your five senses will be filled during your stay with us  Look around you and let your eyes wander to the bucolic landscapes, the rows that crisscross and hilly, bison and elk grazing in the fields. Admire churches and heritage homes along the roads; these are the pillars of our history. Have fun with the shadows on the beach along […]

Strategic development plan

On March 28th, after a consultation and reflection process, the submitted to the population its action plan for the development. Developed by the people involved and committed to the development, its implementation has already begun. To know the outline of this action plan, you can consult the following documents. VISION MISSION MANDATE A vision: Looking […]