On March 28th, after a consultation and reflection process, the submitted to the population its action plan for the development. Developed by the people involved and committed to the development, its implementation has already begun. To know the outline of this action plan, you can consult the following documents.


A vision:
Looking forward with a view to progress, active in its environment, remains open to all opportunities to evolve its entire territory.

One mission: To
mobilize all local actors in a common action-oriented approach to foster development by integrating economic, social and cultural horizons. Capitalize on human and geographical potential while favoring the maintenance of environmental assets.

A mandate:
Take all measures to promote local development and support for entrepreneurship in the territory, namely:

Offer all front-line services to businesses;

Develop a Local Action Plan for the Economy and Employment (PAL√ČE) and ensure its implementation, taking into account, in particular, the five-year development plan established by the Mauricie Regional Conference of Elected Officials;

Developing, taking into account national and regional strategies, any local strategy related to the development of entrepreneurship and businesses, including social economy enterprises;

Act as an advisory body to the local employment center (CLE).

Perform any other mandate from according to its powers that are attributed to it by law or arising from an agreement with the government, one of its ministers or bodies.