Touch the rough bark of the tree, the patina of the church bench, the warmth of the blond sand, and the sweetness of the daisy petals. Flush the river water with your fingertips or pick wildflowers at full brews. Stroke the muzzle of the horse or bury your hands in the wool of the angora kid.


Feel the bunch of firs, ferns that populate the undergrowth and the aroma of clover that will be harvested during the summer. Breathe the river, buffalo wool, fresh cut hay, or newly fallen snow. Smell is the sense that has the most memory. Come to remember.


Listen be attentive to the song of the nuthatch and the blue jay, the bleating of the goat, the murmur of the brook and the roar of the fall. Let yourself be overwhelmed by the undecided silence of the forest, the thud of your footsteps on the snow or the screeching of your skates on the ice. Grab […]


Look around you and let your eyes wander to the bucolic landscapes, the rows that crisscross and hilly, bison and elk grazing in the fields. Admire churches and heritage homes along the roads; these are the pillars of our history. Have fun with the shadows on the beach along the river, on the green road along the Chemin du […]